Midwest Pest Control

Molly Girardi

5 Mice Other pest companies wanted to charge me anywhere from $90 to $125 just to come out and "assess" the situation (mouse or other small creature in a external wall with absolutely NO trace of it indoors), not including whatever "treatment" I might need. When I questioned how they would "assess" it (I mean what were they going to do? Cut a hole in my wall?!), no one would answer. Thankfully I decided to make one last call to Midwest Pest Control. Right away, Terry listened to what was going on, asked me a few questions, and then said there was no need for him to come out to do something I could easily do myself. He proceeded to tell me over the phone what to do, and sure enough, PROBLEM SOLVED. It's nice to see someone running an ethical and moral business nowadays. Next time I have a pest control need, Midwest Pest Control will be my first and only call! Molly Girardi