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Midwest Pest Control Helps You Deal with Pesky Pests

Who wants to share their home with a pest? Bed Bugs, ants, mice, spiders, box elder bugs, cockroaches and other pests are unwelcome guests that can pose a very real threat and are more widespread than you may imagine.

Look for Signs

It’s easy to spot bugs and mice during the day, but at night it can be much more difficult. If you find partially nibbled food, droppings and burrows, you better give us a call. These are signs of a possible rat or mice infestation.

How to Avoid Infestations

We offer several options to include:

What are pests looking for in your home? Food, water and shelter. Spring and fall can be the worst times of the year for infestations particularly around lakes, rivers, caves and other damp and wilderness areas.

Common Pests in the Rockford and Northern Illinois Region

What makes us different?