Midwest Pest Control

Seasons Pest Control Services

Midwest Pest Control treats the exterior three times a year (Spring-Summer-Fall) which is often enough to provide continuous protection from service to service. Our products are designed to provide protection from insects for Up to 90 days.

Includes: Treatment around exterior of your home, where 90% of your pests originate. This plan is designed to eliminate the need for us to enter your home.

The following insects are covered under this service:

Asian Beetles – Bald faced hornets – Box Elder – Bumble bees – Carpenter ants – Clover mites – Crazy Ants -Centipedes – Earwigs – Ground beetles – House crickets – Millipedes-Odorous house ants – Pavement ants – Pharaoh ants – Pill bugs – Sow bugs – Spiders – Silverfish – Paper wasps – Yellow jackets