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Asian Beetle

Asian Beetle

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Asian Beetles Killing Your Plants?

The multi-color lady beetle, commonly known as the Asian beetle, can cause major problems and frustration for you at your home. Asian beetles tend to move into homes in the fall because your home is the perfect place to provide cover from the winter months. As a result you end up with hundreds of Asian beetles inside and outside your home during the winter and spring.

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While Asian lady beetles may be a nuisance, they do not carry diseases harmful to humans and do not reproduce indoors or feed on wood or clothing.  However, they still produce an unpleasant odor that will grow more intense then they're "smashed" as well as leave a yellowish fluid that will stain your walls and clothing.  It's best to get an exterminator our to asses your issue.
This is done by hiring a professional pest control company to spray the outer walls, trees, shrubs and anywhere Asian beetles are found. Killing as many beetles as possible outdoors will help with controlling them indoors.
Asian lady beetles generally do not injure humans and are mainly a nuisance.
Simply the coloration.  Take a closer look, if you see a brigh red color with black spots then you're looking at a Ladybug.  If you're looking at something with dark orange coloring (with or without dark spots on the body) then you're looking at an Asian Beetle.