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What stinging insects do I have?

What stinging insects do I have?

Bumble bees – Easily recognized, bumble bees are large with black and yellow or orange-like hair patterns on their abdomens. Nesting sites include holes in the ground, abandoned rodent burrows, and hollows of trees, buildings and walls as well as other areas that offer shelter from the weather.

Hornets – The baldfaced hornet is black and white and about ¾” long. They build their nests, which are made of paper-like material formed from chewed wood, in trees or shrubs but will also develop nests in or around a structure including under roof overhangs, in attics and walls.

Yellow Jackets – Think with black and yellow markings, yellow jackets tend to make their nests in the ground or inside log that are near to the ground but will construct nests inside walls of houses too. Yellow jacket nests are made of a paper maché-like material, and because they are often at ground level, it is rather easy to disturb their nest, even accidentally.

Wasps – Resembling yellow jackets, wasps have slender bodies that can be black, brown or red with yellow markings. Their nests are also paper maché-like, circular, and usually hang down from eaves, or piles of wood.

 Wasp Nest