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What are ants?

What are ants?

Ants are the most common pest problem reported and often one of the most difficult to treat due to the size of their colonies. In a single colony there may be thousands of ants existing and a single property may contain multiple colonies. While there are thousands of species of ants.

Carpenter Ants – are about 5/8″ long, make burrows in damp wood, but can go from there to damage solid wood. They do not eat the wood, but simply remove it for nests. Maximum Colony size 3000

Pavement Ants – about 1/8″ long; make their nests in cracks in pavement; can infest a building. Maximum Colony Size 30,000

Pharaoh Ants – about 1/16″ long; are commonly found in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, apartment buildings, etc.; are capable of transmitting Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas infections in a hospital setting. Maximum Colony Size 100,000 ants.

Odorous House Ant  - 1/8-inch long, brownish-black ant. Maximum Colony Size 10,000